The 2021 average for a Social Security benefit in the US is $1,543 a month, according to AARP. And while that can make things tight each month, the good news is that the added cost of dental care doesn’t need to make it even tighter. If your benefit is higher, even twice as high, you can receive low-to-no-cost dental care at the HELP Clinic in Hampton. You and your spouse both get a check? That helps the bottom line for sure, but it can still be tight. If your combined monthly income is less than $4,350 you can also benefit from low-to-no-cost dental care at the HELP Clinic.

Medicare already comes with its own cost. Why pay more for a supplemental dental plan when you can get the dental care you need right here in Hampton for less than the cost of the supplement?

The HELP Dental Clinic is here to provide the preventive care, exams, x-rays, fillings, extractions, and simple oral surgeries you need to stay healthy. Do the math and see if you qualify for care with us and start getting the care you need at prices you can afford! Dental visits are only $25 or less!